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Midday open thread: Dead Indian children returned to their homeland; broken US economy in one chart

Today’s comic by Matt Bors is Obama couldn’t have done this crap


Remains of three Arapaho children who died at assimilationist school returned to their homeland: Capt. Richard H. Pratt, the founder of the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, infamously said the solution for dealing with the Native population of America was to “Kill the Indian … and save the man.” And he set out to do so by taking Indian children from their parents, from their tribes and indoctrinating them at Carlisle in Pennsylvania. Among those were the children taken along with Geronimo when the Apache leader surrendered his band of Chiricahuas for the last time in 1886. The school sought to take everything from them, their religions, their cultures, their mode of dress, even their names. All of them had their hair cut short. Over the years, children abducted and taken to the school to have the Indian in them killed included three Northern Arapahos: Little Chief, 14, who was renamed Dickens Nor; Horse, 11, renamed Horace Washington; and Little Plume, 9, renamed Hayes Vanderbilt. Within two years, they were all dead and buried in a small cemetery that eventually included nearly 200 Indian children who died there from 1879-1918. On Monday, with 15 relatives of the three as witnesses, the Army began excavating their graves preparatory to returning their remains to the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming that the Northern Arapaho now share with another tribe, their traditional enemies, the Eastern Shoshoni. The Rosebud Sioux of South Dakota have requested the remains of their children grabbed by Carlisle be returned.

The photo on the left shows Chiricahua Apache children taken to the Carlisle Indian Industrial School when Geronimo surrendered his band in Arizona for the last time in 1886. The photo on the right are the same children four months later. The school did to their insides pretty much what it did to their outsides. Of the 112 Apache children sent to Carlisle, 27 died in the first three years. Of the 12,000 children of 140 tribes forced into the school, only 158 reportedly graduated. Carlisle was the model for 26 BIA (and later the Bureau of Indian Education) boarding schools in 15 states and hundreds of private religious ones.

David Leonhardt on Our Broken Economy in One Chart:

Many Americans can’t remember anything other than an economy with skyrocketing inequality, in which living standards for most Americans are stagnating and the rich are pulling away. It feels inevitable.

A well-known team of inequality researchers — Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman — has been getting some attention recently for a chart it produced. It shows the change in income between 1980 and 2014 for every point on the distribution, and it neatly summarizes the recent soaring of inequality.

You can see a larger version of this by clicking on the bulleted link above.


July was the hottest on record for parts of Alaska and the Western United States:

The northernmost city in the United States just had its hottest July on record, as other spots in Alaska had their hottest month overall. Heat records also fell in a few western cities, as well as the fearsomely hot Death Valley, where July was the hottest month ever recorded on Earth.

Those hotspots stood out in what was the 10th hottest July on record for the Lower 48 states, topping off the second hottest year-to-date for the country by a hair, according to data released Tuesday by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Three states are having their hottest year on record more than halfway through the year, while several more are running in second or third place.

Google employee (now ex-), who wrote that women’s brains are inferior, removes PhD reference from his Linked-In site: Geez. Isn’t this just perfect? 

The Wired writer Nitasha Tiku confirmed with Harvard on Tuesday that Damore had not completed his Ph.D.

Damore’s biology studies became a crux of a right-wing argument that he had credibility in claiming that biological differences between men and women explained a lack of gender diversity at Google. However, he cited shoddy data from Wikipedia and various journal articles to back up some of those claims, and Business Insider’s Dana Varinsky was able to debunk many of them.

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