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Jeff Sessions attorney general confirmation hearing liveblog #6

The Sessions confirmation hearing has drawn a number of protesters

The Sessions confirmation hearing has drawn a number of protesters

So far …


Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017 · 8:06:24 PM +00:00

Joan McCarter

Leahy’s back: you were one of the few to vote against the USA Freedom Act that I worked on with Mike Lee. We passed the law that that restricts bulk collection, will you follow the law. Sessions starts to equivocate on whether it’s law, Leahy pins him down and forces the answer. Yes, he’ll follow the law, fight efforts by NSA in new administration to flout it. Sure he will. Leahy switches to Sessions’ reaction to “pussy” scandal. Is grabbing a woman by her genitals without her assent assault? Sessions: Yes. Leahy: So it’s prosecutable, if a high-ranking official does this? The president? Sessions: If appropriate, yes? Leahy: And what was on that tape was sexual assault? Sessions: well, the tape was confusing and I was confused and …. Leahy: is it assault? Sessions: Yes.

Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017 · 8:11:11 PM +00:00

Joan McCarter

Leahy follows up again on the NAACP “un-American” and his remarks that Justice has to be saved from secular liberals. Simple question: should there be a religious litmus test for Justice employees? Sessions: if it interferes with their duty to the law. Leahy: Does your states’ rights attitude extend to marijuana legalization? Would you use federal resources to prosecute medical marijuana users? Sessions: I won’t commit to never using federal resources, then deflects about current administration, won’t say one way or the other. Leahy: you’ve had strong views, even saying mandatory death penalty for drug offenses even extending to marijuana. Sessions: who, me? I said that?

Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017 · 8:26:01 PM +00:00

Joan McCarter

Durbin: You said you’d recuse yourself from any prosecution of Hillary Clinton. What if we’re dealing with an investigation of the Trump campaign or anyone in the Trump campaign? Sessions: I’d review and try to do the right thing. Only said that about Clinton because he’d made remarks about it. Durbin: This is the perfect case for a special prosecutor. You won’t say now that that would the appropriate path? Sessions: We’ll see when we get there. 

Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017 · 8:32:34 PM +00:00

Joan McCarter

Hatch is back for his second round. You’re wonderful and all the law enforcement loves you. So shut up Democrats. Because, and oh this is rich, law enforcement would never endorse anyone who had a racist or biased history. Really. He said that.

Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017 · 8:44:00 PM +00:00

Joan McCarter

Feinstein is back. Maybe we’ll get some real stuff now. Yep. Japanese internment. She has a bipartisan bill with Lee and Cruz to prevent that ever happening again—do you believe the gov’t can indefinitely detain Americans in the U.S. without charge or trial? Sessions: important question, what if we’re in a war like we are now—he’s skipping over the “citizen” part of this question, so he’s basically saying yes, he’s open to unlawful detention of U.S. citizens without charge, in the middle of a lot of word salad. But he “respects her concerns.” Feinstein, thanks for the mansplaining, but I’ve been on the Intel committee for a dozen years. I get this. Sessions: OK, a citizen has certain rights, including habeus review and probably should be detained without due process. So she got something out of him. Feinstein then turns to torture: you actually voted against McCain’s torture amendment, do you agree that the torture carried out by the CIA under Bush is unlawful. That that’s rule of law? You’d enforce it. Sessions: Yeah, that’s the law now and I’ll uphold it.

Tuesday, Jan 10, 2017 · 8:46:48 PM +00:00

Joan McCarter

Asked about his failure to disclose land he owns mineral rights on, and the income he has from that, because it has an oil well on it. Sessions says he was just all uninformed and confused about, he didn’t know what was going on with that, but he’ll pay more attention in the future. There’s an awful lot that he hasn’t studied about a lot of stuff. Including his own income.

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