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Daily Kos Radio is LIVE at 9AM ET!

Sad news for live listeners of the show: I’ve just gotten word (from listener MartyfromBC) that France Gall, singer of “that French song that Justice plays during the breaks”—Laissez Tomber les Filles—passed away just this past Sunday, January 7th.

Worse still, of course, Dotard J. Trump is still president.

I never get to hear the song, myself. Justice plays it while we cut away for breaks. But several of you have written, tweeted, etc., asking who the singer was, or otherwise expressing appreciation for his selection! So, sad as the news is, I thought I should break it to you. And by doing it this way, I don’t have to try to pronounce anything in French.

Anyway, don’ t let that depress you too much. I’ve got much worse for you!

Listen right here at 9:00 AM ET!

Podcasts! Am I right, people? Ha ha! I know, right!

Well, screw all of those other ones! This one has Greg Dworkin, Joan McCarter, and even Armando. Plus also, me. And you! Yes! You know how things are, these days. If you want something done right, you’ve got to do it yourself. Sit down with your smart phone or other electronic recording device and send us your stories and commentary to share with the audience. There’s no easier way to try your hand at podcasting, without all the hassle!

Of course, even if you do do things yourself, the modern condition is the same everywhere: We need money to do it. Create the media you’ve always wanted! Join us with monthly donations via Patreon, or one-time contributions via Square Cash. (And hey, if you want a cool trick for donating sorta-kinda cost free, get their cash.me app and use this share code to get $5 in your account (plus $5 in mine) when you send your first $5 (to anyone)!

Not sure yet whether we’re really the greatest thing since sliced bread? Check out our last LIVE show and see for yourself:

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Wednesday is always Hump-day on KITM. Let’s see if you can climb this mountain of information and links that David Waldman, Greg Dworkin, and Joan McCarter have brought us today: Greg warns us not to get gaslighted by Trump and his allies, and polls are showing most of us might be avoiding that. Trump and Republicans focus on their core “Putin” supporters. Maybe earmarks would help? Donald Trump reboots the “Ronald Reagan, Mastermind” sketch from Saturday Night Live, except in Donald’s version he’s even dumber behind closed doors. Yesterday was the day Donald trump finally became TV president. Trump was normalized again by the press, but why stop now when that’s where they excel? The Fusion GPS transcripts demonstrate the downfall of the press, the corruption of Trump, the treachery of Republicans, and blows a lot of right wing spin pumped to you by the New York Times and others. Trump’s agreement on the need for a clean dreamer bill is left on the cutting room floor. Greg suggests we brush up on modern American politics by watching old British comedy. He’s tan, rested and ready: Christie 2020! Or Oprah 2020! Whatever floats your boat, and sinks Trump’s. Maybe 2018 will Joe Arpaio’s stepping stone to the Presidency. Arpaio splits the crazy vote. Steve K G Bannon is out—of everything. He could use the extra time to pitch his tell-all, you know. “Neoliberal” is what you call the person that’s not enough like you. Trump’s upcoming physical might tell us more if the doctor asks him if he knows what time it is—or to just draw a clock. The Congressional Budget Office says the Republicans have no more excuses to hold off funding on the Children’s Health Insurance Program. States will start running out of funding this month. The forever fight for net neutrality continues. Nebraska becomes the first red state to introduce net neutrality protections. Inexperienced evil is pushed into one end of Washington as experienced evil drops out of the other end. Darrell Issa joins the retreat. Donald Trump won’t let unqualified court picks get away just because they are “not qualified”.

(Thanks to Scott Anderson for the show summary! Please help me pay him more!)

Need more info on how to listen? Find it below the fold.

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