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Daily Kos founder weighs in on Dem primaries: 'Biden is not the future of the party'

On Friday, Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas once again joined Chuck Todd on Meet the Press Daily alongside fellow panelists Alexi McCammond, Doug Thornell, and Ramesh Ponnuru to talk about the leading candidates in the Democratic primaries and how each of them performed in the most recent debate.

Moulitsas continues to be particularly impressed with Elizabeth Warren’s performance and her steady rise in the polls, noting that her numbers are going up steadily without any “viral” events on the campaign trail. When it comes to her strategy, he notes that Warren is “methodically growing her support, apparently one selfie at a time, one plan at a time. It’s the right way, it’s solid, and it requires zero gimmicks or viral moments to work.”

Moulitsas also believes that Biden is not the right candidate for 2020:

“Biden is not the future of the party, and I think his falling numbers sort of suggest that. You said earlier that this was sort of a contest between moderates and the Warren-Bernie wing of the party that want bigger change — it’s not that at all. The people who support Biden don’t support Biden because they want a moderate vision of America, they support Biden because there’s still this preconceived BS notion that being a white male gives you an advantage in a presidential contest. It’s out of fear, not out of any love or respect or actual excitement about Biden, and you’ve seen that in the numbers.”

A clip, as well as the full video, can be found below the jump.

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