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Daily Kos Democratic Straw Poll, inaugural edition!

It’s been a couple of years since we had these, but it’s time—time to gauge community temperature on the 2020 presidential field! And unlike last cycle’s binary options (Bernie! Hillary!), we’ve got CHOICES this time. In fact, we have so many people wanting to run (over 20), that I’m going to have to be exclusionary and omit most of them—focusing on the higher-profile candidates. If you select “other,” use the comments to say who that other is. Given enough demand, I can add to future straw polls. I fully expect to be adding and removing names over the next two years as candidates come and go, rise and fall. 

The straw poll will run every two weeks, and candidate names will be rotated. I will cut off vote counts at 24 hours after the poll is posted (as votes can keep streaming in indefinitely). 

It would be nice if we could be civil to each other, and each others’ choices. We’re all on the anti-Trump team, so no need to turn our fire inward. I’m not naive enough to think that we’ll always have a civilized discussion over tea and crumpets, but … can we at least try? 

One last point: This is not a scientific poll, but historically, it has proven an accurate representation of the community’s sentiment. Having 10,000+ votes does that. 

So with that said, it’s early! The field is not set! A billion people are running! Who cares? Let’s have fun, and let’s vote. 

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