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Attack In Nice Committed By French National

CREDIT: AP Photo/Luca Bruno A man holding the French national flag stands near the site of the truck attack in the French resort city of Nice, southern France, Friday, July 15, 2016. Thursday evening as scores of people celebrated the 14th of July in Nice, France, a truck driver swerved …

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Hey, Look, <em>Ghostbusters</em> Didn't Kill Feminism

Ghostbusters, the franchise that began with the quirkily creative summer blockbuster of 1984, has a long history of being rebooted. The original film has been remade into an aggressively mediocre sequel, and an aggressively mediocre cartoon, and an aggressively mediocre sequel to the aggressively mediocre cartoon (and also: comic books, …

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Invisible Woman: The Struggles of Black Girls in School

(Image: iStock.com/Hongqi Zhang) I recently sat with four colleagues during a school-based professional development session on diversity. There was a Jewish woman, a Mexican woman, a white man, and me. We had to answer the question, “Which part of your identity has had the biggest impact on you growing up? …

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Climate Impacts

Climate by Joe Romm Jul 14, 2016 10:51 pm Climatologists are increasingly certain that humans are dramatically altering the Earth’s climate — and that absent strong collective action, we face catastrophic warming of 4°C (7°F) by 2100. The greatest challenge for our children and their children will be feeding the …

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The Great Coverup

by Dr. L. Ronald Durham The Band-Aid was invented in 1920 by an employee of Johnson and Johnson, whose wife kept burning herself while cooking. Since then, billions of Band-Aids have been sold and used to cover up a multitude of wounds. But here’s the truth about the Band-Aid. It …

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