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Kehlani Covered Her 'Woke' Tattoo With Impressive New Ink

Kehlani officially retired “woke” in 2018 by having her signature hand tattoo with the word covered with an explanation that’s even more woke. Anyone familiar with the singer knows she’s an ink enthusiast and has her arms, legs, and neck full of recognizable art, perhaps none more recognizable than her “woke” tatt.

The 22-year-old explained via Instagram that at 20, when she first got it done, she thought she was “the smartest cookie in the jar” and has since done some growing up. In the lengthy caption she writes, “A year and some change, I got the biggest reality check (& spirit plane/realm check) realizing and overstanding that the only thing you’re ever really woke about is that no one is truly ‘woke.’ The only thing you know is that you know nothing.”

Nicely put, Kehlani. It’s true, “woke” is one of those trendy words that hit the internet and has taken on a life of its own. It’s been used and over abused in 2017, and Kehlani’s revelation is probably one that we should all adopt this year. The singer covered up the old ink with a design she dubbed a double lotus, writing, “We imagined the ‘woke’ not swallowed, but carefully wrapped by the double lotus kind of internalizing the constant manifestation of intelligence and awareness.”

Now that’s woke. (OK, we promise that’s the last time we say it.) 

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